How to choose your renewable energy?

Environmental protection and global warming are at the heart of current priorities. All energy policies aim to promote renewable energy sources to reduce environmental impact and waste. As an individual, it is not always easy to choose between renewable energy sources.

Choosing renewable energy: a citizen action

When you have your house built or are considering energy retrofits, you are faced with the problem of choosing a heating system. It must be economical and efficient to guarantee a pleasant room temperature even in extreme cold. Ecological houses use renewable energies, produced by nature and which are non-polluting. Green energy techniques are very varied and allow the use of wind, sun, land, water or plants. Today, these various natural elements are renewable energy sources and represent the major challenges for sustainable development.

Oil crises have brought about radical changes

After the first oil crisis in 1973, which led to a significant increase in the price of fuel oil, Western governments understood the need to develop cleaner, more profitable energy sources that reduce energy dependence on oil-producing countries. Initially, the amount of investment was high, but very quickly the experts developed technologies that made it possible to take advantage of solar energy, wind... Today the development of renewable energy sources is at the heart of the priorities because the benefits are economic and environmental.

How to choose a green energy

Choosing renewable energy to heat your home is an eco-responsible act and all citizens of the world must do their part to protect the environment to fight global warming and energy waste. When choosing renewable energy, the geographical location of the habitat must be taken into account. It is not possible to use solar energy without an excellent level of sunshine. But perhaps the conditions will be ideal for a geothermal heat pump or a Canadian well. If you live in the countryside and have the opportunity to use biomass, it will be in your interest to do so because the financial benefits are significant and at the same time allow you to use agricultural waste to power your heating and hot water system.

Is biogas a renewable energy?

Biogas is included among renewable energies because it comes from organic waste that would not be recovered. It should not be confused with "synthesis gas" which is produced by the gasification of solid carbonaceous materials such as coal and biomass and which consists mainly of two other combustible gases: carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2).

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