Renewable energy

How to choose your renewable energy?

Environmental protection and global warming are at the heart of current priorities. All energy policies aim to promote renewable energy sources to reduce environmental impact and waste. As an individual, it is not always easy to choose between renewable energy…

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Reduce your energy bill

Citizens nowadays have a common objective, namely to reduce their energy bills. The high cost of energy, its dependence on a local distributor or a foreign country and the negative impact of its use on the environment are all valid…

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Wood pellets: a renewable energy promoted by the State

Heating is an important part of the daily lives of households and every month it is a significant source of expenditure. At the moment, heating from renewable energies is recommended by the State as it is more environmentally friendly. And…

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Renewable energies are increasingly replacing nuclear power

The next block to be set up is Block B in Gundremmingen, Bavaria. “With the support of the population, renewable energies are now producing more electricity than ever before,” explains Philipp Vohrer, Director General of the Renewable Energy Agency (EEA),…

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Solar energy: buy a special autumn kit

With the evolution of modern technological equipment and kits, people have access to several possibilities and can opt for the use of equipment that promotes autonomy according to the roles of the equipment they purchase. Energy autonomy is currently increasingly…

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