Wooden house

Policy to reduce energy consumption

When it is of good quality, the house’s thermal insulation can have a significant positive impact on your heating bills. The energy bonus, distributed by the State as part of the energy transition, can help you finance the thermal renovation…

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How to choose a prime contractor?

The project manager is the actor who designs the structure. It is the guardian of the proper execution of the work that represents the project management. Depending on its specialization, the latter may be involved in the construction of a…

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How to maintain a wood-frame house?

Contrary to popular belief, a wooden frame house does not require more maintenance than traditional construction. Wood is a natural product and the colour of the house will change depending on the type of wood and the climatic environment. The…

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What are the characteristics of a passive house?

The first passive houses appeared in the 1970s. They consume very little energy for heating and occupants enjoy a pleasant room temperature all year round. This type of habitat is always south-facing to take maximum advantage of the warming sun….

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Why build an ecological house?

The time has come to protect the environment and building an ecological house makes it possible to make a personal contribution to the preservation of the planet. It is important for every citizen to adopt a sustainable approach in building…

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What are the advantages of a wooden house?

Over the last decade, the construction of wooden houses has developed well in France. Indeed, at the moment one in 10 buildings in France is made of wood and the sector is expanding rapidly. Many private individuals often opt for…

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