How to maintain a wood-frame house?

Contrary to popular belief, a wooden frame house does not require more maintenance than traditional construction. Wood is a natural product and the colour of the house will change depending on the type of wood and the climatic environment. The cladding is even more a guarantee for the longevity of the house.

Wood as one of the oldest building materials

First of all, it should be known that the wood used to build a wooden frame house is a material that has been prepared and treated in advance to withstand all kinds of external aggressions such as fungi, bad weather, humidity etc. Wood is a natural, durable and resistant material that requires no more maintenance than a brick house. Even if some species fade and turn grey, the qualities of a good wood do not change. Some people choose to apply a varnish or paint, others prefer the charm of aged wood.

The wood of wooden frame houses is very resistant

The wood used in the construction of wooden frame houses undergoes various treatments that will ensure that the wood will not require maintenance. Indeed, the wood used for cladding is dried at high temperature, between 160 and 180° before being exposed to temperatures of up to 240° and then returned to a normal temperature level. These different wood treatments will guarantee the stability and durability of the wood. If you choose a wooden frame house, it is important to choose a builder who is known for the quality of his wooden houses. Today we find on the market models of house kits to assemble yourself in a very short time.

Build your own wooden frame house

Wooden building designers offer kit houses to assemble yourself, with family or with the help of friends. This type of construction makes it possible to save tens of thousands of euros by avoiding assembly by a professional and will also bring the pride of having assembled your wooden frame house with your own hands. But it is better to have time and strong technical skills to build your house in a kit. But banks are often reluctant to grant credit because no 10-year manufacturer's guarantee will guarantee the assembly and completion of the wooden construction project.

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