How to choose a prime contractor?

The project manager is the actor who designs the structure. It is the guardian of the proper execution of the work that represents the project management. Depending on its specialization, the latter may be involved in the construction of a building or in an environmental or industrial study. This actor supports the company or the public authority throughout the project in order to advise it on the choices to be made. He works in a design office made up of engineers specialized in specific and complementary fields.

Build your project precisely before using a professional

The prime contractor is a natural or legal person who assists a company around a particular project materialized by a prime contractor contract. However, before moving to competent professionals for advice, it is preferable to carefully build the desired project. Indeed, the company must be fully aware of the stakes and objectives of the project. It can thus present itself with specific requests to the design office. She also knows the budget she has at her disposal.

Carefully examine the estimate provided by the design office

Your company needs a real estate builder. It must then turn to a firm specialized in the field, in order to obtain a detailed estimate concerning the project management. This estimate is the contract that then binds both parties when it is signed. It is therefore necessary to take the time to read carefully the conditions described in this document in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises as the project management progresses. If your company accepts the quotation, the prime contractor then draws up a special contract. In the case of a construction, it is a construction contract. Certain conditions must be examined in order to protect the company against certain unforeseen events. This is the case with the article of the contract dealing with force majeure. Sometimes a major external event, such as an accident, can prevent the professional from completing the work. In this case, solutions must be provided in the contract to solve this problem. Including this type of information in the contract allows the company to secure it. It can thus perfectly anticipate risks during the work.

Know the project manager's collaborators during the works

In a design office, the engineer in charge of the works does not work alone. He is supported by a team of specialists within the agency, but also by external collaborators. For example, in the building, the architect who is in charge of the construction of the structure calls upon craftsmen (mason, electrician, and plumber) in order to complete its construction. It is necessary to ask about the global team that surrounds the professional during the work. This step helps to reassure the company that orders the project management since it knows, in advance, the reputation of the site workers. Generally, the design office works with several regular professionals. It is also advisable to attend daily site meetings. These can enable the company to monitor the progress of the work.

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