What are the advantages of a wooden house?

Over the last decade, the construction of wooden houses has developed well in France. Indeed, at the moment one in 10 buildings in France is made of wood and the sector is expanding rapidly. Many private individuals often opt for wood either to enlarge or to develop existing spaces.

Good reasons to choose the wooden house

The advantages of the wooden frame house are many and there is no photo if you have to choose between wooden or cement construction. Indeed, in terms of insulating power, wood is twelve times higher than concrete and building with wood provides a much higher thermal performance. In addition, the wooden house is assembled much faster because all the walls are prefabricated in the factory, which at the same time reduces construction times and costs. The wooden house is also a good choice in terms of environmental protection since wood is a natural material, a wooden construction site is clean, non-polluting and does not use water to build the house.

The wooden house, an exceptional comfort of use

Living in a wooden house provides an exceptional comfort of life for the occupants. The ambient air is very healthy and free of moisture because a wooden house breathes and ventilates naturally. By choosing a wooden house, you quickly realize that the creation of spaces is much freer and that it is possible to create more large openings than for a brick house model. The walls take up less space (about 20cm) than concrete construction and provide a larger living area. Indeed, we gain about 8% more surface area.

Wood, a material with a low environmental impact

In France, wooden houses have only appeared a few years ago and are still often considered as a luxury product because their price is higher than that of a traditional house. The weight of wood is low compared to concrete or steel and reduces processing, transport and construction costs. The occupant of a wooden house is guaranteed to realize interesting energy savings that will quickly compensate for the higher construction costs of the wooden house. This material is recyclable and the waste associated with a wooden construction is easily recycled.

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