Why build an ecological house?

The time has come to protect the environment and building an ecological house makes it possible to make a personal contribution to the preservation of the planet. It is important for every citizen to adopt a sustainable approach in building their homes, using clean materials, renewable energy and green technologies.

Building with a sustainable development approach

At the present time the planet is in danger and everyone must contribute to saving it and allowing future generations to enjoy it for a very long time to come. For those who want to build their house, it is therefore quite normal to choose an ecological, environmentally friendly construction that will use green energies such as a heat pump, photovoltaic panels for the operation of the water heater, rainwater harvesting techniques, etc. Today it is no longer complicated to combine several techniques and the use of natural materials that respect the environment must be a matter of course.

Reduce energy consumption

From 2021 onwards, all new buildings will have to comply with the new European QNE standards, i.e. Quasi Energy Neutral. In other words, anyone who wants to build a house today has every interest in building it in compliance with these regulations. Indeed, a habitat will be considered ecological if its energy consumption allows heating, ventilation, hot and cold water to be produced using a minimum of energy and preferably from a renewable energy source. From now on, it is therefore advisable to build your future home in compliance with these standards; otherwise it will be obsolete in a very short time.

Develop the construction of ecological houses

Our planet is suffering and more than 50% of CO2 emissions into the air come from homes. The urgent need to develop ecological houses, bioclimatic houses that respect the environment must be a priority. Among ecological habitats, the passive house is a concept of the future but still encounters too many reticences due to the high cost of the high-performance materials used to build it. From now on, green building means using heating techniques that reduce energy consumption (heat pump and geothermal, condensing boiler, Canadian well, inertia heaters). It is also necessary to provide installations that reduce water consumption, which must be considered rare and expensive (rainwater harvesting system, consumption regulator on taps, dry toilets, etc.).

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