How to find your way through the different electricity offers?

The energy sector is very competitive and many players are positioning themselves in it. It is a system in which it is easy to get lost if you do not have a good repository. In the field of electricity supply, many companies are competing, including public suppliers and much younger ones. Faced with a plethora of electricity offers, consumers often wonder how to find their way around and choose the best possible supplier.

Identify trusted suppliers

Collaborative renewable energy suppliers such as ekWateur have recently entered the energy sector and are showing themselves to be innovative. Versatile, they offer an electricity offer adapted to the different consumer profiles. As an electricity supplier, their concern is to offer their customers concrete solutions that enable them to reduce their energy consumption. Among these young suppliers, there is the French government, which was their first customer. The offer of ekWateur, for example, seems to have convinced the State of its relevance. After winning its first call for tenders, this company was awarded the contract to supply electricity to public buildings.  But should we choose an electricity offer simply because the French government has given the company its confidence? It's tempting; but it wouldn't be a wise choice. The argument that works most in favour of new suppliers is the novelty they bring. How is the offer of operators like ekWateur different from what others offer? First, when we take the case of ekWateur, the electricity it supplies to its customers is 100% renewable. It relies on hydraulic dams, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines for this purpose. This is an essential aspect to be taken into account. To find your way into electricity offers, it is also important to focus on prices. With some suppliers, the price per kWh is lower than standard rates, especially for large power plants, which is especially advantageous for large consumers. Others also offer in the electricity offers, an option to set the price of electricity. It's an option we can make at any time. You can subscribe to it from the beginning of the contract. However, there is also the possibility to do it from the customer area. In the second case, the price per kWh is a little more expensive.

Choose a supplier focused on innovation

With an awareness of the need for sustainable development, companies are turning to green energy. Some suppliers are firmly within this framework and only offer consumers renewable energy. As a result, operators do not only provide electricity to the population. They also propose to integrate the client into their activity. Thus, as an auto-entrepreneur, any customer can join them to answer questions from potential customers by phone or chat. And it's often not volunteering. In addition, by connecting to the personal space of this type of supplier, the customer can, for example, calculate the potential for solar energy production on his roof. With this electricity offer, it also has the possibility, from this space, to contact the networks of certified installers in its geographical area. This collaboration fits perfectly into the idea that these companies are seeking to make their customers partners. In other words, both households and companies can rely on suppliers who are always striving to develop the electricity supply to make it as complete and affordable as possible. This makes it possible to have cheaper electricity in 5 minutes without leaving home.

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