Sustainable development and environmental protection

Environmental protection and sustainable development are considered priorities by governments and civil society. But on an individual level, it is also possible to make a small gesture for the planet, while saving money. How to perform this miracle? Well, it's simple, just insulate your attic. An energy system benefits everyone.

Why does attic development contribute to sustainable development?

As we know from studies carried out by experts, 30% of a house's heat loss is through the roof. Renovating the attic is therefore the number one operation to consider in order to ensure a successful energy transition of your home. Indeed, all the heat kept in the home is as much energy that is not wasted and therefore does not contribute to global warming. Of course, it is a small gesture, but one that still counts. Especially since it is also advantageous for you, because, when you talk about insulation, you save on your electricity and gas bills.

Which attic insulation technique should be used?

There are two different types of attic space:
  • lost attic space: no space between the roof and the ceiling of the lower floor
  • the attic space: with a living space such as a bedroom or an attic
For the insulation of lost attic space, the best method is to blow insulation on the existing surface and then spread the flakes on the ground. For the insulation of the attic spaces, it is better to use glass wool style insulating panels. In all cases, seek the advice of a professional to determine what is most cost-effective and efficient in your situation.

Is it possible to insulate your attic for free?

Finally, it should be noted that the public authorities are very committed to the challenge of the energy transition. From an environmental and egalitarian perspective, they therefore offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from financial assistance for their energy development work. For the attic, we can quote:
  • the Energy Transition Tax Credit (ETC)
  • the eco-loan at zero interest rate
  • assistance from the "Better Living" programme of the Anah (National Housing Agency)
  • a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% on the installation of insulation equipment
  • the energy bonus offered by energy suppliers
It is not every day that we have the opportunity to do something for the environment and for ourselves. The state's offer to participate in energy expenditure is only contextual, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it now, rather than pay for the work out of your own pocket in a few years' time.

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