The reasons why you need to insulate your attic

A good energy renovation necessarily requires the insulation of the attic, especially when we consider that the majority of energy losses are made through the roof. Proper insulation of attics has many advantages, both for the individual and for the environment.

Insulating the attic to save money

Attic insulation is a very profitable energy renovation operation in the short term. This operation does not necessarily require very major work and the effects on living comfort are immediate. Heating consumption is reduced, as is air conditioning in summer. After a few months, individuals notice a significant reduction in their energy bills. Over a year, this can represent several tens to several hundred euros depending on the surface area of the dwelling. If the insulation and the installation of the attic are also profitable, it is also thanks to the numerous subsidies granted by the State and energy suppliers: energy premium, tax credit, reduced VAT... Attention, it is necessary to respect certain criteria: it is recommended to call upon specialized organizations, such as the renovation for all south-western France.

Insulating attics for the environment

Isolating the attic falls within the framework of the Law on Energy Transition and Green Growth because this work makes it possible to achieve energy savings and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today, the private real estate stock is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts by the government to encourage households to undertake renovation work are intended to reduce this statistic before combating global warming. To further improve the environmental rating, it is advisable to opt for total insulation of your home, provided that ventilation is well managed to avoid the formation of moulds.

Roof insulation techniques

When renovating the attic, an expert craftsman can recommend several types of insulation depending on the configuration of the room under the roof. In the case of attic spaces, which cannot be built unless major work is required, blowing insulation is often the most recommended. A blower machine spreads flake insulation on the floor to a thickness of about 30 centimetres. Isolating your lost attic space only takes a few hours. In the case of attic insulation, attention to detail is much more important, especially if you are considering creating a new room under the roof. Most craftsmen will use the double-layer insulation technique, which consists of laying two layers of insulation under the rampant of the roof. If your budget is larger and you don't want to lose living space, opt instead for the sarking method, which consists of removing the roof covering to install the insulation.

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