What are the objectives of sustainable development?

The objectives of sustainable development are achieved on several fronts. Joint action by all individuals, all States and at a local, national and international level is necessary. We must also rethink our lifestyles and consumption patterns and redefine economic models that are more respectful of the environment and more inclusive.

Adopt a sustainable development attitude

Sustainable development is everyone's business and the 17 objectives set on 25 September 2015, the 17 MDGs, aim to protect the planet, eradicate poverty to ensure the well-being and prosperity of all humanity. Achieving these goals requires joint efforts by all people, all citizens of the world, nations and economic actors. Only then can the planet be saved, and only then can CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and thus global warming, wastage of energy sources and the extinction of certain animal species be reduced.

A more responsible consumption

The objectives of sustainable development aim at an eco-responsible consumption of all the inhabitants of the planet. Companies must commit to producing in a more environmentally friendly way without polluting the environment, use energy sources wisely, save water, avoid the multiplication of waste and waste. By working together on a global scale, humanity will be able to reverse the trend and future generations will be able to continue to live in a healthy environment. Every citizen must adopt eco-responsible actions on a daily basis to promote sustainable development at the local level.

Promoting sustainable development

World leaders have an essential role to play in promoting sustainable development projects at the local, regional, national and international levels. Earth Summits should allow policy makers to meet to discuss jointly with representatives of NGOs and environmental experts to set sustainable development objectives for environmental protection. But these summits are also an opportunity for sad observations, as in Rio in 1997, which demonstrated the pursuit of economic development that does not take the environment into account. More recently, the American President even announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, an unacceptable decision when we know that America is the second largest polluter on the planet.

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