What is the energy bonus?

Are you planning insulation work? Do you want to switch to renewable energies or do you want to opt for more environmentally friendly energies for your future work? This article is for you. Discover the energy bonus scheme and the conditions for receiving this financial assistance.

What is the energy bonus?

The energy bonus, also known as the "energy saving certificate" bonus, is a bonus offering financial assistance to households wishing to carry out energy-saving work. This bonus, introduced by the State in 2005, is intended to encourage people to carry out work in a more ecological and environmentally friendly way. As with electric cars, the bonus is mainly there to try to change attitudes and make it easier to use these new "green" possibilities. It provides a financial boost on various projects, including the attic.

Who can benefit from it?

You can benefit from the premium if you are an owner, tenant or co-owner. The only real condition is that your property must be more than 2 years old. Above all, the energy bonus concerns you if you carry out 3 types of work: - Insulation work (for example: insulation of attics, insulation of all lost attics, roof insulation, etc.) - Heating work - Work including the adoption of renewable energy to replace an old non-renewable energy.   Be careful, to be able to claim the energy bonus, make sure that the company that carries out the work for you has the EGR label "recognized as a guarantor of the environment". The date of the energy bonus request is important: it must be made before accepting the company's estimate and starting the work. You then have a maximum of 8 months after completion of the work to complete your file. 

 To apply for an energy bonus, contact your energy supplier.

What is the amount of the energy saving certificate?

The amount of the energy bonus depends on the location of your property. It may indeed vary from one department to another. It also depends on the number of square metres of your home. Finally, other criteria are also taken into consideration: for example, the nature of the work planned, etc. For example, the insulation of the attic in a 150 square metre house provides a premium of about 400-500 euros. An energy bonus simulator is easily accessible online to estimate how much you are entitled to.

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