How important is biodiversity in the world?

To better understand the usefulness of biodiversity on the planet, we can start by defining this term because it is recurrent when we talk about environmental protection, ecology and sustainable development. Biodiversity refers to all the living species on our planet and their interactions.

The role of biodiversity in ecosystems

Each living species plays a specific role in the functioning of an ecosystem. The larger the number of species living there, the richer the ecosystem will be and the higher its survival capacities. The first idea that comes to mind is that of the food chain where each species contributes to the survival of another. From this point, it is easy to understand the impact that the disappearance of a species can have on the functioning of ecosystems. For example, the disappearance of polar bears does not only affect bears but also all other living organisms that revolve around this species. The importance of implementing biodiversity conservation programmes is crucial if the environment is to be protected.

How to preserve biodiversity?

Today it is clear that protecting the biodiversity of our planet has become an emergency because many living species have already disappeared or are threatened with imminent extinction. Many biodiversity conservation programmes have been set up in France and around the world, but they are insufficient to deal with the scale of the problem. It is important to act quickly because in the long term it is the disappearance of humanity that is at stake. The creation of national or forest parks, biosphere reserves and ecosystems has ensured that many living species have not disappeared forever. Indeed, the conservation of biotopes and ecosystems essential to the survival of living species has made it possible to save many threatened species.

Biodiversity conservation programmes

Today, awareness throughout the world of the need to protect biodiversity has already made it possible to preserve hundreds of living species. Indeed, a large number of biodiversity and environmental conservation programmes have been set up at national, European and international level. Projects financed by public and private funds make it possible to set up multiple actions in favour of the protection of biodiversity and terrestrial and maritime ecosystems where each citizen can contribute.

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