What are the consequences of the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gas emissions are a major factor in pollution that affects the health of the planet. Indeed, gases are responsible for global warming, the deterioration of the air we breathe and the disappearance of certain animal species that are seeing their living space reduced.

Global warming, a consequence of the greenhouse effect

For several decades, scientists have been sounding the alarm. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing steadily and are the main cause of global warming and the deterioration of the surface ozone layer with a "stifling" effect.  Indeed, a high concentration of smog, the increase in the number of fine particles is harmful to the air we breathe, cause asthma and the increase of certain diseases including cancer. The planet is warming, leading to the programmed extinction of certain animal species. A significant example of the greenhouse effect and global warming is the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps with polar bears whose living space is disappearing, eventually leading to their own disappearance.

Global warming and programmed disasters

The consequences of global warming linked to the greenhouse effect are already visible in all four corners of the globe: sharply rising air pollution, climate change, rising waters, devastating hurricanes, gradual drying of major rivers... Today the planet has more than seven billion inhabitants and, whether rich or poor, everyone can see the disastrous consequences of global warming, a direct consequence of the growing greenhouse effect.

Global warming and its consequences on human activity

The Himalayan glaciers are melting and no longer allow the natural storage of water reserves. As a result, the large rivers that originates in the Himalayas, such as the Ganges, Mekong, Yellow River... dry up in dry periods and cause disastrous flooding during the rainy season. Increased droughts, floods, destroyed harvests, are just some of the natural disasters that have increased sharply in recent years. Scientists are constantly alerting the world, but too many people, including some major leaders, still refuse to see that the world is in danger. In France and other European countries, there has been a sharp increase in natural disasters linked to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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